Sunday, November 2, 2008

my second full-time job...

all is well: completed 14 miles in record time this morning; feeling strong in preparation for sea half over t-day weekend;

this week successfully "rode" fuji for a bit each evening and identified a few possible mentors; joined masters' swim club and make that focus for dec.

it's easy to see how this can become all-consuming, but equally-exciting to strike the careful balance between getting the most out of this experience w/o it invading the rest of my personal life.

hopes: finish '09 ironman in under 17 hours
fears: too many to name
lessons learned: mind over matter, e.g. it's only as tough as you make it
best practices: lotsa water & ice before, plenty of bananas/potassium after

motivation mantra: "...because i can...because i can...because i CAN!"


p.s. 44 weeks & counting...