Saturday, May 2, 2009

17 weeks and 140.6 reasons (REVISED!)

A forty mile ride in the driving rain last week required that I ask myself (again) *why* I am doing this? And the answer remains the same - because I can.

That, and because I've got a LOT of work ahead.

In case you required further affirmation that you're glad to be living vicariously, here's an update to my training schedule: May 30th - ride to Mt Rainier/June 21st - LiveStrong 100 mi ride/June 27th - Seattle Rock&Roll Half Marathon/July 11th - Seattle to Portland ride/July 19th - Chelan Man 70.3/July 31 - Aug 2nd - training weekend Penticton, B.C., Canada...the site where I will on AUGUST 30, transform myself into Iron(wo)man!

A few additional reasons, 140.6 to be exact follow...

»001. Makes everything else seem so SHORT.»002. The 3 week taper before the race.»003. The 4 week recovery after the race.»004. To reach down and find strength you never knew was there.»005. As much of any food or drink as I want one day each month »006. Because my dad was right: the day really IS a quarter over by 6:00 a.m.!. »007. Beats watching TV.»008. For all the times you heard someone say "I'd do one of those ... I just can't ______."»009. There’s no better use of my time »010. Or my money (gulp). »011. Moving from "OMG" to "bring it on!"»012. I am Coach Lesley's greatest challenge. »013. My training partner WhoaWoody waiting for me at the finish line,»014. ...the ones that believed. ...and the ones that didn't.»015. I’ll never have more resources or time than this year to do this, »016. The mid-way point of training,»017. Easy rides and runs the week before.»018. Finishing your last workout and smiling because you know "I'm SO ready."»019. For everyone who as ever asked you "Why?"»020. The hard-earned toe nail(s) that turned blue and then fell off.»022. A better butt »023. Becoming your *own* best example »024. Evading the double-chin.»025. Where else can someone ripping off your clothes in public be considered a benefit of a big race? (Wetsuit Strip)»026. Miles in the Run»027. To be well-prepared for my next stage in life »028. So you can answer "One." When people ask "How many days does that take?"»029. To give my brain a break and focus on this moment…and this moment…and this moment»030. To learn to use my voice every time I shreik "On your left!".»031. Eagerly awaiting the sun to come I can get in the water (and then get out!) »032. Encouraging Cards, emails, texts all along the way »033. Become an expert on nutrition»034. Forces me to add stretching to my repitoire »035. Because Jay said if I can walk around the block 1,000 times I can do this,»036. To love the look of bike short and wet suits »037. One step closer to “athletic” BMI status »038. Because I gave up 500 calories every day in January to do this!»039. Getting familiar with and visualizing the course, again and again and again »040. To get there – and stay there »041. To be like Yoda: there is no try, only do or don’t do»042. To make the costly orthodics, PT, gear, etc. worth it»043. To have the confidence to stop making disclaimers »044. Takes as long as having a baby.»045. To learn keep myself company on those long, lonely rides...and enjoy it!.»046. Sharing a smile with people wearing the finishers T-shirt the next day.»047. Knowing that as you step in the water on race day - YOU MADE IT THIS FAR! Now just get home.»048. How many people can say they did anything for 12,13, 14, 15, 16...hours?»049. Knowing that you are running the same race as that lady who developed Parkinson’s »050. The Body Bugg that somehow becomes your favorite fashion accessory.»051. So that you’re a hot thirtysomething,»052. Cross training with friends new and old all year long»053. High fives from people you don't know.»054. Feeling supremely accomplished by 630 am »055. The play list»056. there is no finish line »057. First Place and Last Place get the same amount of cheers.»058. Walking to the start alone»059. Getting lapped - and then lapping “them”»060. If it was easy everyone would do it »061. Making the turn for home – on any given day, from any number of events»062. Because of who you meet, e.g. Amy S. in the Green Lake parking lot,»063. Just do it »064. You might get to be in the newspaper!»065. High fiving Scott, my mom, and Colin at the finish»066. Sunset on the run.»067. If Randy Caddell can do it with just his arms, I can certainly do it with my legs.»068. Easier than Eco-Challenge.»069. Didn't play sports in high school.»070. Because everyone knows you are training and you can't stop now.»071. For all those 3:45am mornings, when I wished my head was still on the pillow.»072. Makes US Navy SEAL training seem like a good idea.»073. Makes the Death Valley marathon seem less outrageous»074. I've had enough with my current social life.»075. Hooking each challenge or obstacle to a larger purpose – and overcoming it »076. Friends are following this blog.»077. You need to prove yourself to nobody – but do it anyway»078. You're husband already (still?) thinks I am nuts.»079. Because I love Green Lake,»080. Making the connection – and if you don’t, knowing it’s YOU that cost you your goals»081. Optimum health overall.»082. Swims in Lake Washington.»083. Three swims each week and embracing it »084. lifting three times each wk here fwd (and liking it!)»085. To check this off my bucket list»086. To say, "I am an Ironman". And always will be»087. To be an example and inspiration with my attitude & my fitness.»088. To learn how to change a tire again, and again and again »089. As Ray Allen said on the court that night, “You can’t stop me.” »090. Because I have so much going for me that others don’t,.»091. The 12-step program to make me stop hasn't been invented yet.»092. Any National Anthem, before the start, anywhere.»093. Knowing that when you wake up at 3:00am, the next time you will be VERY different person.»094. Expecting more of yourself of myself, and others»095. The shoulders swimming will force you to develop.»096. Because it was a good excuse to upgrade my Body Bugg, get a new Garmin and numerous other gadgets,»097. Makes my next marathon just a nice morning run.»098. Bragging rights for life,»099. Because the longer I'm out there, the less per hour it really costs!»100. Being there is waaaa-ay better than watching on TV»101. Finding yourself in the middle of your doubts ... finding a new meaning of being scared.»102. Finding out that you're far stronger than those doubts a few miles later.»103. Falling in step on the run and making a friend to the end, without having to say a word.»104. A pancake breakfast the day after.»105. Watching people headed home while you're headed out, thinking "I'll be there soon ..." and they cheer for you.»106. Because I hate Gu and it's a great experiment to find the 45 grams of carbs I like and have to have.»107. That feeling of ice cubes in your hat on a hot run never getting too cold.»108. Because Penticton is MUCH cooler than Kentucky this time of year»109. "WHAT I WANT TO BE I AM NOW"»110. If you can do this, you can do anything »111. Develop an iron will in *all* aspects of my life.»112. Miles in the Bike.»113. The After Shower.»114. To see if it really feels as good to do as it does in my dream.»115. And then to see if it really feels as good the second time.»116. To learn the power of commitment and determination.»117. Because for me, there's no at-bat circle, I'm all about "batter's up!".»118. Affirms everything I already knew about myself. »119. To try and finish before midnight.»120. To try and NOT wreck your achielles this time.»121. Your mom already think you're a hero - prove her right.»122. My dad»123. An M-Dot Tattoo.»124. 5000 Volunteers - all for you.»125. Hearing them say "You're almost there!" all day long.»126. Being nearly almost there - for real.»127. IPA!IPA!»128. The finish line photo-turned-holiday card for 2009 »129. Because your training partners said you were a fighter»130. The first time you think "Holy smokes - I'm doing an Ironman!"»131. Beating back the voices that say "Holy cats - you can't do an Ironman!"»132. Mile 26.»133. That moment when you KNOW you're going to make it for the first time all day.»134. Nine times around Green Lake. »135. The last mile.»136. Because the STP and a marathon on the same day sounded liek a good idea. 137. The first step after you cross the line and think "Oh, My....God....!"»138. Hearing them say my name on the PA system »139. It really *is* about that last twenty percent»139.6 Because they said I can't»140.6 Because I say I can.

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