Monday, August 31, 2009

Pain is temporary, pride is forever.



Sharon said...

And yes you should be proud!!
I'm proud of you!
I stayed up until midnight CST trying to get your final stats, but it never posted. I followed you thru the day, saying prayers you'd make it. Offered up my Mass for you. I got up this morning to check. Yeah for you!! Your are truly awesome!! I hope you have some time off to relax and enjoy the what you accomplished. I REALLY wish I could be in Seattle so I can hug you and sit with you to have you tell me all about it.

You are my Hero!!!
Love you girlfriend!

Lisa said...

So proud of you Dana!!!! You trained, you focused, you did it!!!! You are an amazing woman and can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Enjoy the high!!!

I can wait to see you when you get home!!

becca said...

You are amazing.

Fitbyfocus said...

Dana it was great to experience this event with you. You inspired me and made me so proud of you!!!

You will never be the same and I know you know this. I have been with you from day 1 and continue to be right by your side. You're a champion!!!

Coach Scott

Kelly said...

Wow! and wow again. I could not be prouder or more in awe of your determination and accomplishment. You always go big, and look what you can do.