Sunday, December 6, 2009

Can't figure out what to get the athlete on your list? Here are a few ideas from Coach Lesley!

CL’s Top 12 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Athlete

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

1. Gift Certificate for a Great Coach!

2. Premium Eva Foam Roller
12"L x 6"Dia. - Round

3. For trail running, cross-country skiing, outdoor adventures…
Ultimate Direction Wink (lightweight women’s running backpack)
Ultimate Direction Wasp (lightweight men’s running backpack)

4. A slightly bigger ticket item… but something any runner or triathlete will love… a
Garmin Forerunner 305 or 310xt.
This watch can tell you how far you’ve run, how long it took, your pace/mile and all sorts of other information. You can also download your workout data to your computer or upload a new course to the watch. Endless possibilities!

5. Running Vest
A great running vest is an essential piece of gear if you are in Seattle or anywhere that is cold but not freezing. Buy a cool vest from your athlete’s favorite store or favorite coach. 

6. Music
Although CL teammates know that Coach Lesley is not a big proponent of music while you run, she does think music can be a very useful tool for those long indoor trainer rides or cross training at the gym. So, an iTunes gift card, a custom-made play list (or a pre-mixed one) for your athlete can get them through the winter indoor workouts!
(Check out the Nike Sport Music page on iTunes where you can create and share your own sport mixes.)

7. Body Glide
Body Glide Skin Formula looks a lot like a stick of deodorant, but in fact is a wonderful invention that keeps your skin from chafing on those long workouts! It’s non-greasy, non-oily formula helps prevent saddles sores, blisters on feet, chafing and cracked skin. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, water/sweat resistant and safe on wetsuits. If you're shopping for stocking stuffers – this is an absolute must! Body Glide can be found at Speedy Reedy or any of your local running/triathlon shops.

8. Books & Movies
For the readers in the crowd…maybe a book they do not already have. Examples:
Lore of Running by Timothy Noakes, MD
I Run Because I Am Nuts by Bob Schwartz
Without Limits (DVD: the story of famous 1970s runner Steve Prefontaine)

9. Chocolate Milk (Moo)
For something simple, cute and necessary! A case of low-fat, organic chocolate milk (Horizon is a great brand, sold at PCC and most local grocery stores), is a superb post workout fuel and does not need refrigerating.

10. For the athlete who has everything (including every piece of athletic apparel on the planet):
Running Shoes
Every few months a runner needs fresh pair of running shoes. You may not want to buy your athlete the actual shoes unless you know what model and size they wear but, you still have a few options. Buy what you think they wear at a store like Super Jock N Jill that will let you’re your athlete return the shoes and find what they need or, buy a gift certificate.

11. Smart Wool Socks
I don’t run in anything else! Nothing manages moisture, regulates temperature and repels odor like wool… and Smartwool is the softest wool ever!

12. Slim Pocket Race Number Belt
For your triathlete … a fabulous race belt … once of the few belts that lets you attach your race number, hold gels AND it has a small, think pocket.

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