Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: A Year to Revere

Two thousand and nine was a year to revere, chalk-full of 135 days of training, four trips to Lake Chelan, three Century ride, two pairs of running shoes, one coach who never, never, never let me quit - and a title I will relish for a lifetime: Ironman.

For those reasons alone I approached the New Year with a bit of trepidation – worrying that my best days were behind me. But ringing in 2010 with a 5K and polar plunge in Lake Washington affirmed that IMC was merely a foreshadowing of fantastic adventures adhead.

In 2010, three things remain true: You get what you give. Life is better when shared. Anything is possible.

Next up, Escape from Alcatraz: May 2, 2010 (with a few training triumphs along the way...)

P.S. “Pain in weakness leaving the body.” (U.S.M.C.)

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Coach Scott said...

I like this post. Keep them coming! I know you have another IM in the near future. Leads us throught the trial and joys.

Love this "Weakness is Pain Leaving the Body"