Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"You can't hide from Ironman..."

Two weeks and two 100 miles later, my new pal Brandi has never been more right!

I completed my first *century* ride on 6/13, courtesy of Cascade's Flying Wheels event. With five time Ironwoman Jeanine leading the way, I biked north to meet my mom & Jim, and back in time to send our friend Brian off to his third tour of duty. Just over a week later I got back on The Bull (a.k.a. Fuji) complete with new tape to match her frame and did the whole thing over again - this time solo, but for a good cause: Livestrong hit Seattle and me even harder.

Now, about Brandi: I've actually never met her but during my last long ride I decided to give grad school one more try. I dialed Gonzaga's online degree hotline, indicated to Brandi how much time I'd have on my hands post training and - get this - she is *also* in training! Will keep you posted on the outcome. (And, yes - it DOES start September 1...gulp)

Next up is a big swim (1 mi.) and brick/ride (80 mi.) on Sunday. Stand by...

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Lisa said...

Yay for you!! I remember my 100 mile ride...I was so miserable I was praying someone would steal my bike :)

You are doing to rock!!

And grad school---whoo hoo!! We need to get together to catch up (when IM is over of course).

High Five Sister!