Monday, July 6, 2009

The finish line is in sight: 55 days and counting!

By the numbers...

107: miles I will ride during next Saturday's Seattle to Portland race
94: miles Colin drove last month to pick me up from my ride along I-90's Mountains to Sound Greenway
86: laps I did in Evan's 25 yard pool today to prep for Friday's 2.4 in Kent
81: miles logged day after the 4th on Centennial Trail
70.3: miles in ChelanMan, my first "half Iron"
37: minutes it took me last Sunday to swim my first timed mile
7: weeks 'til Ironman Canada (gulp)

And one - the number of answers to the question "Why...?

Because I can.

P.S. You get what you give.


Lisa said...

You are going to be awesome Dana!!! ***cheering all the way!!!***


Fitbyfocus said...

I'm with you all the way! I can't wait to be at the finish line waiting to see you finish with style!!!!
1 team, 1 fight

2 saying to always keep repeating
#1 I can do this
#2 I love what i'm doing right now!

Brentallica said...

Thanks for sharing Little D. I read every word and will be watching and cheering for you.

I'm just worried you may not be getting enough sex.

Love, your favorite