Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It takes a village train for Ironman

Team Banana was in full effect on 7/11, and the support of my own personal Pit Crew came at *precisely* the right time! Here’s why…

Last Saturday’s challenge was two-fold: not only did I have my third century ride in as many months ahead of me, but equally-important the wedding of a decade-long friendship here in Seattle.

QUESTION: Could I do both?
ANSWER: With the help of Team Banana, of course!

My ride to Centrailia was organized courtesy of the Seattle To Portland. I was up with the alarm at 3:55 and wheels down by 4:30 a.m. The sun was just coming up and Mt. Rainier was in the distance…majestic! Each wave had a ten minute delay in between which was smart, but this – combined was a nasty crash that I nearly avoided and the University Bridge going up unexpectedly to let a barge(?) through – got us all off to a slower than hoped for start. Regardless I managed to get to Kent (mile 41) on time, and rolled past it en route to Puyallup, the site of Team Banana’s first pit crew engagement.

My true pals and founders of Team Banana, Carol and Jessica, took orders, made noise and played music to ensure I was well-fueled and plenty energized for leg #2; after a quick pit stop, a few chips and lotsa peanut M&Ms, I got back on the road and headed to Yelm, where they planned to meet me again – this time the soundtrack was a little different, and treats moderately adjusted, e.g. fig newtons, bananas – the works! Because of their involvement, I made record time and even went a bit further than planned thanks to their energy and enthusiasm – thank you, sisters!

I raced back to Seattle, hit the salon to meet with Cara – a goddess! - who somehow managed to make my mane into a wedding-appropriate coif, and my makeup memorable for all the right reasons, a quick stop at the gym to shower up and viola! I was wedding ready in no time!

After a few hours of rest, a peanut butter sandwich and milk, I was ready for the third leg of my weekend: 12 mi run; this was expected to be brutal in every sense but my legs felt surprisingly strong. My joints suffered a little but my pace was steady at a 9:00 mile, good for me.

Next up: Chelan man, my first half iron.

P.S. "Sports do not build character. They reveal it." - John Wooden


Lisa said...

You are an inspiration...go Dana!!!

becca said...

Dude you are amazing...and clearly so are your people! Can I be the midwest Team rep? Can we get shirts? ;)